Error in logging my wallet

Last night i created a wallet but i forgot to memorize those 12 phrase keys.then i transfered my NFT into my im going to enter my wallet but im not allowed.there is an error which says "undefined is not an object."please help me because i cant enter my wallet.i need my NFT.what should i do now?


Hi @ali_behshahr ,

Welcome to the MetaMask community :fox_face: .When creating the wallet, MetaMask prompts you several times to write down the Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP). Did you set your account up on extension, Android, or iOS?

If you set your account up on extension or iOS, you can try the vault extraction tool here to recover your SRP:

If you set up on Android, there is not currently a way to extract the SRP. However, you can reach out to our support team with the error (do not reset your phone). Go to and choose the ‘start a conversation’ button.



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