Error: "Oops our servers stumbled somewhere. We have fired off a notification to the team to investigate. Please try again after some time."

Hey All,

I’m trying to bridge my USDT and ETH to Polygon through the polygon bridge at When I press the Continue button on the bridging popup screen I get this error. Have been waiting for 3 hrs and re-installed metamask. Anybody seen this error before? I’m just using metamask by the way, no hardware. Also tried chrome and brave.

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Hi did you find the solution to this as I have the exact same problem

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same issue here. also looking for a solution

Same issue here, is anybody managed to solve this issue?

Hey guys this is not a MetaMask error message, it is coming from the bridge.

I finally found the solution for this. You have to change the Polygon RPC server on MetaMask to https : // polygon-rpc . com/ (remove spaces)

is this not the correct setting? Configure Polygon on Metamask | Matic Network | Documentation

My initial MetaMask configuration established https : // matic-mainnet . chainstacklabs . com as RPC server, that was not working. I’m not sure if https : // rpc-mainnet . maticvigil . com is working or not but I can assure https : // polygon-rpc . com / works perfectly. This is the new RPC server recommended by Polygon Docs (