RPC errors with any Matic transaction

As of this morning, any and all transactions on Matic network seem to be failing. Whether it’s harvesting from farms, staking, etc - it takes a long time for Metamask browser extension to come up at all, but when it does, there’s no gas information filled in and even after manually inputting gas information the transaction never seems to make it to vigil.

My browser console is filled with RPC errors similar to this:
“MetaMask - RPC Error: JsonRpcEngine: Response has no error or result for request:”

for all methods like eth_getBalance, etc.

Is this a transient issue with a server somewhere?

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I’m having issues connecting. It says “oops something went wrong” and there is a Try Again button that leads to the same outcome.
This was not an issue last night. I guess I would appreciate knowing that it isn’t only me that is experiencing this type of problem. Any advise would be welcome.

i have the same problem. everything is lost. tokens, farm, stake all. only matic number is shown. there is connection problem.

Almost all of the free public RPC endpoints for the Polygon/Matic network got overloaded yesterday after Mark Cuban had published a post about DeFi on Polygon.

The main recommended public endpoint, MaticVigil, went down for several hours. They have tweeted about it: twitter com /BlockVigil/status/1404469548653322243

You probably experienced that.

These are teething problems of a new network, AFAIU MaticVigil have scaled up their public endpoint to accommodate more traffic in the future.

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probably not lost, just have to enter them back in custom token, check the block explorer