Immediate failure on all transactions (Matic Network)

As of this morning, any type of transaction I try to do on the Matic network fails immediately. So I can’t move any coins around, claim rewards, etc…

Below is the error message. Any thoughts on how to fix?
ALERT: [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPV ’ {value : code { 32603, data : { message: Upgrade to an archive plan add-on for your account. Max height of block allowed an archive for your current plan…

Also seeing these error messages in the chrome console but unsure if related at all
{code: -32603, message: “Internal JSON-RPC error.”, data: { 1. code: -32005
2. details: "Bad parameters in JSONRPC request: eth_getBalance.}}

So far I’ve tried resetting the account, deleting → reinstalling → and re importing the wallet, and no luck yet.


From BlockVigil Twitter
" We are experiencing major latency with our

nodes on our primary datacenter. Switching over to backup."

could be related?