Error Please try again. Confirm the transaction and make sure you are paying enough gas!

Does anyone know why this error happens?

"Error Please try again. Confirm the transaction and make sure you are paying enough gas!"

I am trying to un-stake AMPL from the PancakeSwap syrup pool, and I get this error.

I don’t see anywhere I can adjust the fee/gas limits, and I have bnb in my wallet to cover the cost. So I have no idea what is going on.

Even I am facing the exact same error. I am also trying to unstake from AMPL syrup pool in pancakeswap. Pls let me know if you found any solution

Thank you

Ok got the solution from pancakeswap TG group. see below"
"With regards to the AMPL-BNB Syrup pool:

AMPL is a rebasing token and as such, negative rebases had lead to the rewards being drained faster than was previously announced.

We have called the StopReward function a few hours ago and have reached out to the Ampleforth team to see if they are willing to cover the remaining required rewards.

Until we have a reply from them you can either:

  1. Wait.

  2. Forfeit your outstanding rewards by calling the EmergencyWithdraw function via direct interaction with the contract.

Will update ASAP.


Thanks for this.

Just to clarify, I said “unstake my AMPL” but I meant I was trying to unstake my CAKE from the AMPL-CAKE pool in the Pancakeswap Syrup Pool. So obviously this is affecting all AMPL pools.

yeah i am having the same issue… will be interested in update as well

I decided to just use the Emergency Withdraw. Lost my rewards, but it was only about 1.5 cakes worth.

If you want to learn how, just search “PancakeSwap Manual Unstake (emergency withdraw)” on Youtube.

awesome thanks…do you guys think there will be any issues with the ampl/cake farm? i have that running to but so far it seems to be acting normal