Error transferring usd-t to BUSD-T Stablecoin , Need Help MM

need help, accidentally transferred 311 usd-t to contract address 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955 (BUSD-T Stablecoin) , can you help me with this

I have just noticed that you sent your tokens to a contract address! I am sorry for this. I am not sure that there is a way to get it back!

i sent usd-t from a MetaMask wallet (smart chain network), i don’t know how it happened, i wrote one address, but it went to the BUSD-T stablecoin contract address, i wanted to send it to binance

here is my hash : 0x44748d4121d323a52f149e1a581bc5719ae0a20bbf2bce2303fdc615b15949f9

You mean that the address you wrote as the recipient was NOT a contract address but the coins were transferred to that contract address?

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“If” the contract address has a function that allows it to transfer the received tokens, you may be able to get it back. Otherwise, the tokens are lost. The contact address you have provided has over 6 Million dollars balance!

IF the owner of the contract address is Binance, I suggest you to contact Binance support regarding the issue.

I inserted one address, but usd-t went to the BUSD-T Stablecoin address, this is not my mistake, but the wallet’s error

binance support writes that binance peg is completely beyond their control, and they solve the problem if the amount is above $1000
Is it really just that people lose money and they cannot be helped? - this despite the fact that the crypt was sent not to another person, but simply to the address of the coin

so it’s not my fault that MetaMask was changed to the address of the binance peg contract, I wrote one address, but went to the address of the coin, and binance does not want to solve the problem, if the amount is less than $1000, this is ridiculous and not fair

MetaMask does not change the recipient’s address by itself. If you are sure that the address has been changed without your permission, then your wallet “may” be compromised.
I suggest you to open a conversation regarding the issue with the MetaMask support via the following link:

Click on the blue box “Start a Conversation” and open a ticket.


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