By mistake sent usdt(polygon) to busd(bsc) in MM.

I wanted to convert my usdt to busd in Meta Mask wallet. I was distracted and instead of using a bridge, I sent usdt from the Polygon network(MM) to my busd address over the bsc network in MM . Is there still hope to get usdt back? Thanks for the help!

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Hi @Bas91 ,

Did you send the USDT directly to the BUSD contract address?

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Exactly, to the busd contract adress in my wallet MM.

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hi @Bas91 ,
Unfortunately, if the token is sent to the contract address, it is basically impossible to get it back.
The following article has related explanations.

What if I sent tokens to a contract address?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee anyone can retrieve your tokens if you sent them to a contract address. A contract address is not a repository of tokens; it is essentially a computer program, a set of code, that performs some function on the blockchain. Some of them–the token contract addresses explained here–are addresses that can receive tokens. In this case, you may be able to reach out to the team that makes the token or manages the project, and they may be able to get your tokens back to you. However, some projects don’t have customer support, which is another feature of the decentralized web.


you can’t undo the action


Yea, @tuya provided the best links. As the 2nd link suggests, you could try to contact Binance, let them know you sent your tokens directly to the busd token address (send them a link to the token address) but it’s no guarantee they can help. There is no way for you to reverse the transaction from your side.