Send busdt-to usdt wallet

i want to send it to usdt wallet
but it seems to is a busd-t
how do i going to do now?

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Hi @ette3 read this post:

You used Binance Smart Chain. BSC gas is BNB.

But it’s sending
How can I get it back?

Back? back to Binance? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: from Metamask?

I send this to my usdt wallet

I want to connect MetaMask to take my coin back

I don’t understand a little :grin: this busd-t tokens are now in Metamask wallet?

I sending out to other place

Other place? define it more precisely :grinning: some page?? send www address

Transaction Hash:

Check it please
I need help

This won’t help me :no_mouth: I need to know the www address
or name of the wallet… where is this busd-t token.

this is from my metamask: 0x6cf73Fb97C249abd552A10535f995052DBA94e2f
this is my another want to received:0x43cdc7474f0eeb86500e73910846931a8f8a28a7

I’m deer :grin: this address 0x43cdc7474f0eeb86500e73910846931a8f8a28a7 is your Bitfinex, Kraken… address?

My country local exchange called Bitoex

Could you send me Url please

hmm and Bitoex support BEP20 (BSC) transactions?
try to contact Bitoex support.

@Michael101 send me a message on my email: :joy:
you fuck :information_source: ng scammer