ETH Balance changes randomly

Here’s a weird one.
My ETH balance on Ethereum Mainnet looks 0.44. When I try to transfer it, the ‘next’ button is greyed out.
So I say, what gives and ask my friend Google. It says 'change the (Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit) from ‘one click’ to ‘all sites’.
I do that and now my ETH balance is 0.004. Hmm, I say, that is peculiar, of course I like 0.44 better so I go back to the old version of the extension (i.e. one click) and check the transaction on Etherscan. What do I see? A third sum of which is 0.11.
Honestly, I used to have less exciting hallucinations on LSD drops in my youth back in the day than this.
Not looking for a solution as there cannot possibly be one to this. Just thought I’d share this with you lot for giggles. No day is ordinary on the Metamask planet.