ETH Disappeared?

Hi - I can’t work out if I’ve done something wrong or my ETH has just disappeared into thin air! So I made a transaction on my MM wallet to send .27 ETH to my Binance wallet (0xe2b346099f87808cfa4f25dea43c277c9c37dedd64246741cb7a3be5a6c9d745), but this was pending for quite a while so I decided to cancel the transaction using the Metamask option to cancel (0xa0d3be40a8d447caa759af5bcec7ea5286962132eaa11754df707be34d26c6e7). This completed successfully and the gas fee was returned to me but no my .27 ETH! I did not receive this into my Binance wallet either, so I raised a ticket with them to investigate and their response was “The deposit has failed in the block information and cannot be processed”.

I’m really at a loss now and not sure where my eth has gone, can anyone help me in working this out, please? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi - please can someone help me? The ticket I raised 4 days ago has had no response at all, does anyone have other contact details for this company? ticket ref #148365