ETH from MetaMask to Binance lost

I tried to send ETH from my MetaMask Android app to my Binance Wallet (via ERC20 network) on July 30. My funds are gone from MetaMask and never arrived to Binance.

The transaction is only visible on my mobile app. It is missing from the desktop transaction history.
The transaction on Etherscan has a status of “Dropped & Replaced”. It appears to have been replaced by a Txn Hash which was successful, but my funds were never delivered.

The status of the transaction on the MM app says “Submitted”. If I try to cancel or speed up, a notification arises which says the Gas fee is < 0.00001 ETH (an amount which my current balance should cover) but I am unable to proceed because of an “insufficient funds” alert.

I have reached out to Support and received an automated response, but it was unrelated to my issue. I have not received any response to follow up questions.

I submitted a Deposit Recovery Application with Binance. It was rejected with an application result of “Transaction failed. Please contact the withdrawal platform for further assistance.”

Does anybody know how to resolve this issue or where I can go for help?

Txn Hash: 0x2930fbe75e7eb9f7e0c80e299d93804c0ac20b0ebab460c449aa9144ddf81c09