ETH missing from MetaMask after transferred from Binanace


Just transferred some ETH from Binance to MetaMask, the transaction status is completed on BscScan but the wallet doesn’t show that I have received it. Can I get some clarification here, please?


I also have an issue with the CATGIRL token showing the wrong amount, I purchased 68,771,356,168.254133047 token value of 167$ but in the wallet, it shows that I own 68.771 and I haven’t transferred any amount



Hi @sh0byy open coinmarketcap :point_down: and click on fox :fox_face: icon

try adding CATGIRL token again :point_down: click on fox :fox_face: icon

It doesn’t let me, MetaMask is on Ethereum Mainnet and Coinmarket tells me to change the network in Etheremu Mainnet which is already selected. Same for CATGIRL

YES :slightly_smiling_face: you have to change the network to Binance Smart Chain

You must switch network to :point_down: BSC

and then click to fox :fox_face: icon

I did that for ETH, now I understood why, but CATGIRL still shows me a lower amount of tokens than the one I have purchased as I wrote above