ETH moved to Metamask but used BSC =/

I recently sent some ETH to my Metamask (via ERC-20) and had no issue.
Then I stuffed up and selected ‘BSC’ instead of ‘ERC-20’ and have two transactions stuck in limbo.

TxHash: 0xff296ae986744bac6c36992ecc15c835f5b3e18fdfebbcc5de0095dfe5415789
TxHash: 0xb73c16ca0a0a540e849c0646ecce50fc41f84d6f5c9817c46edd3170b3444969

Can these be reversed? Or are these lost now?
If any other steps are required I am more than happy to chase them up, I just do not know what to do.



I have managed to dig around and find a post that showed me how to import the tokens for my wallet.
So I know that the tokens are not ‘ETH’ but how do I switch this to my ‘Etherium Mainnet’?

Hi @Krusher90 try this :point_down:


Great, thanks for the help @Luigi!

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