Eth not there after binance bridge

Hello everybody,

i hv a issue with my metamask:

  • i hv smartchain on my metamask with different kind if tokens from the binance smart chain.
  • i wanted to swap some eth from the smart chain to the mainnet
  • i found out that i can do that with binance bridge
  • i did, it worked i even hv the message that i recieved the eth

the problem is, if i switch to my eth mainnet…the number who is standing there is equal with my bnb number in my smartchain…far from true.

so i found somewhere in a forum that i should add the binance-peg eth token. if i try that in mainnet it is just endless loading. in smartchain is already there (the right amount =- minus the one i send to mainnet).

i-m really lost right now. it seems that my eth is still in my metamask…also the bscscan shows that…but i cannot find it.

can anyone pls pls help me?!?

ty very much