ETH reduced to 0 in wallet

My ETH balance reduced to 0 without any trace , how can I see what happened to them or retrieve them . thank you

similar i lost my eth and my NFt this morning. on twitter a lot of people tell you it’s possible to have them again but i think it’s wrong

I don’t want it back TBH , I just want to know what happened to it .

you can look on etherscan to see the transaction.
but I can’t help you anymore. if you find help tell me

The ETH was in BSC network and I checked both Etherscan and BSCscan for 3-4 hours now and can’t find any trace .

me it is clearly on the address of a thief

That is my speculation , but shouldn’t that be on my Address too ? like from (my address) to (thief address)

if you are a pirate yes I do not see how he did it is impossible nobody had anything