Hacker d'Ether. vole sur mon wallet

I put Ethereum on Metamask, you can with the number, on etherscan follow the transactions. my Ethers disappeared? why? I think it was stolen from me? I never shared my phrase, nor my code. Can you help me, if there was a transaction made without my consent. When I look at the comments under the etherscan address, it seems that it often steals…what can I do?
it was the little Ether, money I had saved to create my NFTs

thank you, i thought you couldn’t cancel transactions on blockchain?
it was 3 days 1 hr ago


Can you share a link to etherscan that would show one of these transactions?

Also - be careful contacting someone off of this forum. I would not communicate with someone in discord personally regarding your accounts.

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it’s decided i’m leaving metamask and leaving this cryptocurrency universe. this strongly puts back my involvement in the crypto world. Even the subject of NFTs too. if we can be stolen data, cryptos, by stealing the address, and we can do nothing, I imagine it’s the same for NFTs, even if we are the author, if we steal it … nothing guarantees the recovery in this universe. this hack signs the end of a love between cryptos and me

I have the same issue

This is the transaction, on ether scann it dosnt appear on the metamask history


I put my money to create my nft, but now when I checked I have 0ETH