ETH sent from Metamask missing on Coinbase

I presume I am doing, or god forbid have done something wrong.
I tried to send WETH from Metamask to Coinbase. I selected Receive ETH on Coinbase and copied the address. Then I chose Send on Metamask, ETH and sent all to the address from Coinbase.
On Metamask all looked ok. Activity log says that transaction was confirmed 3hrs ago. But nothing appeared on coinbase.
When i check Etherscan, the status is shown as Success, and in section Tokens Transferred it shows the correct From address and the correct To address, also the correct amount. The section Interacted With shows a contract nuber which I dont know - should this be the same as the To (coinbase) address?
Strangely to me the Value section shows zero Ether and zero $.

Should I wait a bit longer before it appears on my Coinbase, or I did something wrong?

EDIT: I now learned that most likely the issue is because I sent the wrapped ETH (WETH) and as these are no supported by Coinbase they effectively disappeared. I contacted Coinbase for help. Any suggestions from you?

Hi there.
What you’re describing sounds like, the ETH amount wasn’t entered.
Zero values transaction is allowed on the blockchain, this result in gas burn.

Thank you for your reply
In section Tokens Transferred the amount shows correct. Only in the section Value the value is zero - i dont know what that means. Also the amount disappeared from Metamask wallet.

I raised ticket with coinbase.

It would be better for us to take a deeper look at this. Have you opened a support ticket with MetaMask as well? If not, please do so via the support link in-app or extension, and share the transaction hash there.

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I have the same problem I sent 2 different transactions of ETH to Coinbase and never received any of my money and it says success but I got nothing in my wallet. I spent 300$ please help me get my money back.

Timestamp: 8 hrs 23 mins ago please help I never got my money in coinbase.

Did you send ETH or WETH?
I now know that Coinbase does not support WETH so if you sent WETH to Coinbase it will show as success but you will not have an access to your coins. The only way to get them back is when/if Coinbase decided to add support for Wrapped ETH. Then the coins will show up in your account. Coinbase says they have plans to do this, but we cannot be sure. Sorry.