ETH to AGLD swop failed last night

Hi guys

Hope everyone is well!

I tried to jump on the AGLD rush and sent approx $300 worth of ETH from Binance to my MetaMask to test with. Uniswop had the best liquidity at the time (was on v3). Managed to connect my MM and set up the swop of ETH for AGLD. Was quote approx 65 tokens in the swop after fees/gas. I left gas and slippage on default.

Initially, it wouldn’t let me execute the trade until I switch to the multicall option. After I ran the swop the transaction failed and I lost the gas fees. These are the errors that come up in etherscan"Fail with error ‘STF’" and " Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [ Reverted ]".

Any ideas about what happened here and how I can avoid this in future? Was it a slippage issue or insufficient gas fees?

Thanks so much and I appreciate the assistance.