Eth to Poly in order to sell on Opensee

I’m pretty new.
I sent over ETH to my Metamask, all good. Bought some domain names off of Unstoppable. Click on sell domain on Opensee. Opensee sees my domains.
Go to sell one and they want me to have Poly in my Metamask. I sent funds to that Poly address (which, is the same as the ETH address in Metamask…?).
But for some reason, Metamask doesn’t show I have them in the MATIC account. Yet… if I set Metamask to ETH, then below that click on “Assets”, it does show I have it down in the list…
Just confused. Anyone have any insight or a video I should watch? Also, what is the cheapest way to get those funds in there, because holly gas batman.

Hello, the domain name you purchased is on the polygon chain, so when you sell it, you need to switch to the polygon chain and need some matics as gas. You can buy some matics at the binance exchange, go to the metamask wallet and choose the polygon chain, so you can sell your domain name.

Yeah I get that. I wish I could post pics here…
Or a link to a shared drive of pics…

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It may be that you sent MATIC to Ethereum mainnet, rather than on Polygon network where you want. You can bridge those tokens over to Polygon.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:


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