No Matic, I do have erc-20 tokens, can't activate my opensea account

Hi guys,
so according to polygonscan_com, I do have 0.113 ERC-20 tokens, but no Matic.

Metamask does identify my ERC-20 token value, but my ETH balance is 0, so as my overall account balance (saying “0 ETH”).

Trying to activate my opensea_com account, it asks me to transfer 0.00210329ETH but also tells me I have insufficient funds.

I’m kind of losing here, what am I missing and what do I need to do?

Cheers, Ryan.

do you mind pointing me to what and how exactly do I need to do?

Was trying to google this but TBH not sure what exactly I’m looking for.

Be careful @b241d2533f05270576b6

@Hir0protagonist - he is a scam

This is real one

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Thanks @MomOfTwins !
Highly appreciate but now I’m back to square 1 and not sure where to start from :frowning:

Any thoughts on what might be my original issue and how should I progress here?
I feel like I’m nearly there but nearly isn’t good enough…

Sorry @b241d2533f05270576b6,I have no idea (actually, I do not understand your question, because ERC-20 is not a one token, but all tokens developed on ethereum standard. And of cause to make any transactions on Metamask you need to pay the gas fees with Eth, as it’s only acceptable payment for fees. If you do not have any Eth you can do any transaction) Just didn’t want you to be hacked.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @b241d2533f05270576b6, you will need MATIC on Polygon to pay for the gas fees. ETH is for the gas fees on Ethereum and MATIC is for the gas fees on Polygon.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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When trying to unlock my Opensea account, it specifically asks for 0.00215221ETH, and does refer to the polygon network.

Do I still need Matic or ETH?

When trying to convert ETH to Matic over MetaMask, it fails again, over “Not enough Matic” error message; feels like I’m going in circles…

@b241d2533f05270576b6 you need MATIC :smiley: as said @nakedwinnie

MATIC = gas fees on Polygon network

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Okay actually you are confusing two different networks as well as coins with tokens.
In order to use opensea for buying and selling NFT you either have to pay gas fee in ETH if you choose ETH network or you have to pay gas fee in Matic if you choose matic/polygon network.
You cannot pay gas fee from a token. As token itself requires a gas fee of that network to transfer from one wallet to another.
So advice is, either send matic from polygon network to the wallet or send ETH to your wallet to use this.

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