ETH transaction complete - Not recieved?

Sent 0.31800000 ETH from coinspot yesterday 09/04/2021 05:39 PM.
Have checked the metamask reciever ID code about 20 times out of paranoia and it is correct, transaction on coinspot says complete and it has been over 14 hours and I still have not recieved the ETH into my wallet? Please help

TXTID: 0x5ef2c77cbade3be20c6b002c28c78b0591ceb9612081b7f4253fe7b65b3572d0

Address: 0xBB9a7cb0b068beEc774811113D830E3B097e3C64

I understand the transfer can be a little slow, up to 10 minutes I was told, but 14 hours has been a bit over the top. Advise appreciated TIA

This page write: transaction has been cancelled

Contact coinspot support :slightly_smiling_face:

bloody legend,

Will get onto them,
Thankyou Luigi,