ETH Transferred But Balance Not Reflected

Hi Guys,

I had transferred 0.1 ETH from another wallet to my Metamask 0x7F7C … wallet address.

The transactions is successfully completed and it is reflecting under the ‘Activity’ tab for the account on Ethereum mainnet.

However, the ETH balance is not reflected in the Total Balance. Currently, Total Balance is 0.0293 ETH (Screenshot 2) but should have been 0.1293 after the transfer, shouldn’t it?

Please suggest what am I missing? Thanks in anticipation!


Welcome to the Metamask Community @Ciphernaut & @Defiest
Please give the method in the below article a try

Let’s take a further look. For your security, please open a support ticket here with necessary info Submit a request – MetaMask
Be aware of scammers and not share your seed phrase-secret recovery phrase.

@Isq - Thanks for your suggestion. But I have already done that. I raised Ticket #207406 last Saturday. Haven’t got any response yet from MM Support.

We do thank you for your patience. Our current wait time for the ticket is around 7 days. If you see your funds in the block explorers like, the funds are still in the wallet. We will provide further assistance on the display issue as soon as possible.

Just an update - the issue resolved itself after 15 days - magically. MM support did acknowledge my ticket after 7 days (volumes of ticket perhaps) and attempted to help but I am not aware if they took any action to resolve the issue.

So, my advice to fellow MM users facing a similar issue - keep your fingers crossed and DO reach out to MM support.

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