No Balance but Fund Received

Hi. So I sent ETH from Coinbase, shows as received but balance is still 0 after 3 days. Any tips as I am new would be helpful. I opened a MM account on harmony, no problems there, I opened a second wallet/account under the same MM to put ETH into, and this is the address is sent it too. Cheers

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Can you explain more clearly ?

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Sorry. I tried to be as clear as i could. So sent eth from coinbase to metamask. £0 balance. Shows as having received the eth but still £0 balance

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Kindly provide txhash to check. It should appear in your wallet once it’s received

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the number is 0xaf29787d6dfd03b1c4731f15add1d35c787e83f794d4eac7ee962c8f1d14f06d it does show as a received amount but with £0 balance

@Boomer your internet browser is chrome? Save your metamask seed phrase.
Try uninstalling the metamask wallet and again installed metamask.


Etherscan also shows it’s in your wallet. Confirm your seed phrase then logout and login again should be better after that. CONFIRM YOUR SEED PHRASE BEFORE YOU LOGOUT

Ok, done that. Now the balance is still £0 but is in yellow and says may not be up to date which is some progress at least. I will wait to see if it updates soon

Hi @Boomer try this:

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Brilliant, that did the trick, thank you so much both of you.

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Hi i cant post but ihope this better to do. i sent BNB BSC To BINANCE DIRECTlY but the transaction is succeed but i check into binance theres no transfered fund i need to refund my money :frowning: please help me

Hey @Juswa, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Would you be able to send a transaction hash? That would provide more information. Please make sure you have sent to the correct address of Binance.

Maam @nakedwinnie this is my hash

This is my last trasactiom that i made

And this is the first one

Pleasee help me

Are you sure the transaction was confirmed? Both of those transaction hashes show no data.

Or maybe it’s a different transaction hash?

The transaction in metamask shows succeeded but in binance no history of transac. And all my balance transfer into bscscan.

That’s all hash maam and im worried about my funds :frowning:

Look maam

These tokens were actually sent on BSC testnet, not the actual BSC network. On testnet, the tokens do not actually have any value. Your BNB does not show up on Binance because they were sent on the testnet, not the actual mainnet.

What i need to do maam to go back my fund :frowning: