Ethereum Network - insane gas price how to shift all to Binance Smart Chain?

Hey Guys,

in case of bearish season i want to get sure how i could sell my coins on the safest and especially cheapest way. Next to my main wallet i use Metamask. In the beginning i was quite satisifed with Metamask and even if its not their problem , the Ethereum Network causes problems if i have to pay 100€ for coin values in comparison of lets say 900€. That males no sense.

So how do i get all coins to binance smart chain? By using Binance Bridge right? But of course i also have to pay for that insane gas prices.

When i started with Metamask around May , i paid fees like 3 to 6 US Dollar, absolutely fine! But since 2 months every transaction on ethereum network, doesnt matter if it is Uniswap, Sushiswap, swap within my metamask, sending coins cost around 100€.

Is there any solution?

And im wondering that i cant send tokens or coins like fe QNT via binance smart chain even QNT is listed on Binance.

Any solutions?