Moving ETH from Smart Chain to Etherium Mainnet

Bought ETH on Binance and wanted to move it to my Metamask wallet.

The gas fees using Etherium Mainnet were much higher than BSC, so I’ve setup a new network on Metamask - Smart Chain (using the instructions from another post - thanks!)

I withdrew ETH from Binance using the BSC chain (it was much cheaper) into the Smart Chain network in my Metamask wallet.
That worked fine.

But now, when I want to use the ETH to purchase on Opensea, only the ETH balance on the Etherium Mainnet appears as available balance.

I don’t know how to make the ETH balance in the Smart Chain it show as available funds.
When I opened my Opensea profile and connected the Metamask wallet, I did not have a Smart Chain network on the wallet.

What should I do now to make the ETH available to be used on Opensea?

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Hi @grymberg you need a bridge from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum

Or try this page:

Select SEND: Ethereum (BEP20) :point_down:

RECEIVE: ETH :point_down:

PS: You need a little amount BNB (0.50 - 1$).
Binance Coin (BNB) is used to pay for transaction fees on Binance Smart Chain.


thanks…I’m doing it right now…

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It worked! :heart_eyes:
Thanks a lot, @Luigi !

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Yeah :smiley: :+1: it’s a pretty good website.