Transfer from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum Mainnet

Hello, I Already got the eth token in my Binance Smart Chain account. I want to transfer the eth to main ethereum account, how can I do this on metamask ?

You will need to make the transfer on the Binance Bridge.

i dont have for enough Min amount :frowning:

Do you know is there a fee to do that?

I have my etherum on etherum main network and need it on binance smart chain market, how do I transfer?

Hi, I transferred some eth from Bainance to my Atomic wallet and I mistakenly chose the Bainance Smart China network and now it does not fit in my wallet, can anyone help me? Thank you.

It sounds like the eth is on your atomic wallet on the BSC network. Are you able to set up BSC for your Atomic wallet? Or you can try to use the your Atomic wallet’s private key and imported it on MetaMask and access the funds on MetaMask via the BSC network.

@rezaiean2a See this page :point_down: