Failed Transfer BUSD Metamask to Triv Wallet

On 10/03/2022 I made a transfer of BUSD BEP20 funds from Metamask wallet (0x832F041b066777DE5DAe3Ec36679a5BD72774482) to Triv BUSD BEP20 Wallet (0x138f00210825FD504a2612aF52e309D1c3581446) but until now on 11/03/2022 received, anyone have a same problem ?
Thank you.

What should I do after updating the wallet?

If you see a scammer, Flag the post and select “Something else” and write that you think it’s a scammer. The real support takes this real serious.

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I think you are missing some words in your post. Not sure what you mean. You have sent 0.025BNB to another wallet. Is that the wrong wallet or something else ?

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