Fields greyed out

Hello everyone,

I invested money in a company that I think are scammers. But now they have transferred me $3100 to a MetaMask account. However, I cannot convert the dollars into Etherum because the fields cannot be clicked. Can anyone help me here how to trd the money. can convert, or how I get it on my bank account. If I press send, I can only enter wallet addresses, but I can’t deposit USD into an Etherum.

Please help.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @BkModTest you can write the name of that company? web address?
You have some ETH in your wallet? ETH is needed to pay transaction fees.

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Hi @Luigi Company name: XPinvestment
web address: https:// xpinvestment .com
No Luigi I only have USD.

I dont know if you see the Picture.

Just for info it’s a SCAM :neutral_face: DO NOT INVEST