Forgot to add USDT token when transferring USDT funds to matic network via metamask, is there any way I can recover those funds?

I was simply moving USDT from one account to another, and the second account in metamask did not have the USDT token in the list when I sent. Also - I was sending to the Matic network, and it was only about 12 hours ago. I am still seeing this error message in metamask that states "we had trouble loading your token balances. You can view them here: (link) – and I can see my USDT just “stuck” in there! How can I get it back?

Can Luigi or someone please help, or show me how to fix myself?

Hi @jonschwerman :point_down: try this


Thanks very much. The reset account worked. I appreciate your help!

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Hi Luigi,

i tried out your solution and the activity log is deleted. But unfortunately i still do not have the amount i transferred. I also deleted my MetaMask extension and setup the Matic Mainet again and still have the “we had trouble loading your token balances. You can view them here: (link)”
Do you have any ideas? Can you help me? Please… Thank you!

Hi @Philipp I have no other ideas :slightly_smiling_face: you tried another browser?

Try connecting to a different network and back to Matic Mainet.

I really appreciate your fast response…
i switched between the networks in MetaMask several times, if you meant that? But nothing changed… I deleted Matic Mainnet and integrated again through chainlist. org few times. I also used another browser for metamask without any result yet. Still receiving the information about trouble loading the balances…

@Philipp hmm :thinking: I’m running out of tricks here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Try another RPC URL: or or or or or


@Luigi Hi! I established every RPC URL in Metamask at the same time. With every single RPC URL I used the Chain ID 137 is that correct? I haven’t received the money…
Would it be helpful, when i give you the txhash for the Transaction ID ?:

If it would be possible to get the amount back, i would like to give a donation for support

@Philipp yes Chain ID 137 is correct :slightly_smiling_face: I sent you some MATIC :grin: 0.002 MATIC
You see (0.002 MATIC) it in the MetaMask wallet? My last idea :point_right: open polygon page: in top menu click on: Use Polygon - Polygon Wallet
Login whit MetaMask wallet :smiley: and now you must see USD Coin.

@Luigi yes it is working at the moment. I am still within the transfer process. Thank you so much. As soon as it is done and everything fine, I’d like to transfer a donation for your support. How can I get your wallet adress?

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@Philipp still within the transfer process? I hope everything will turn out well :upside_down_face:

@Luigi y MetaMask shows me the amount finally. :slight_smile:
I have a similar problem in terra station … and selected a wrong network unfortunately.
do you have also knowledge about that?

@Philipp sorry man :slightly_smiling_face: I do not use Terra Station