Funds don't arrive

Hi, I’ve sent funds from my Binance wallet to my Metamask. Metamask is on BSC network. The correct token BUSD is installed. Used BEP20. The public key from my metamask was correctly filled in when I’ve send the funds. Transaction ID is 0x672655dd60eead7c7546b342f638a9904f921a859c028391905b175b63009924. Even 6 hours later funds didn’t arrive in my metamask? Something went wrong?

I connected to pancakeswap. There the funds are visible. But not in my Chrome browser. Strange. But ok, the funds are available…

Hi @guyevens do you still have an issue with it? As a workaround have you tried removing / readding BUSD token? Thanks.

Hi. Thank you for replying. The issue has been solved. I had the busd coin installed in the main network instead of the bsc network. So my mistake. Guy

Great to hear thanks for the update :heart:

Take care and have a good rest of the week!