Sent BUSD from Binance to Metamask

Hi! I sent BUSD from Binance to Metamask via BSC. Binance said they already sent the funds but I never saw them on Metamask. BUSD token is already added and this is the first time I have my funds missing.

On BSCScan it says: “Fail with error ‘BEP20: transfer amount exceeds balance’”

What can I do now as I don’t have my funds either on Binance or Metamask.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi , I have problem same as you today (BUSD from Binance to Metamask) ,
In my case ( wait 6 hr ),
The contract was rejected and my BUSD was transferred back to Binance wallet .

Hi Avvi, I just got my funds back to the Binance account as the transaction finally was rejected. Hope you get the same. :slight_smile:

try getting the busd token address and add it manually in your metamask (i know its already there) try and it will work inshalla