Missing BUSD sent from Metamask to Binance

Hi everyone can someone please help me, i transferred BUSD from my Metamask wallet to my Binance wallet around 4 days ago and my funds have still not arrived in my Binance wallet. i sent the BUSD on the BEP20 network, should have it arrived bynow.

my BSCscan TX hash is - 0x1d19c2806df719e65bc9cf7aad21c49d77c07769a97915e531123b9edcb9641f

Hi @Bvu87 I see the transaction is confirmed: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan could you please reach out to Binance support and verify why the transaction didn’t post on their side. I also see that the above transaction was for 0 BUSD is it correct?

Hi I have reached out to Binance and I am awaiting there response, the transaction was for $1000.00 BUSD. I also clicked on the Binance receiving address and it seem not to be my wallet address and is Binance main BUSD wallet (I think), but attached is my wallet address. How long do transfers normally take

Please help

Thank you

Hi mate its all been sorted on binance side

Thank you for your help have a nice day