Galxe - RPC error code 1004

when interacting on galxe I am getting RPC error code 1004 when trying to authenticate that the task has been performed.


I have removed all the networ from the MM in Chrome, initialized the MM on another browser readded only the specific one I needed and it didnt help.

Can you please help me.

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hi @user3575 ,welcome to MetaMask community. :fox_face:

If you don’t get a valid answer here, you can go to Galex’s support channel for help.
Several people asked the same question in the Galex support channel today.

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Can you please point it to me as from galaxy as was just directed to discord with no actual help…

This problem may have nothing to do with MetaMask. someone asked the same question again today, and the admin’s reply is as follows:

it is manually updated by curator, reach out to campaign party

you can also join Galxe’s discord for consultation.

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I also wrote there, they are useless.

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