Gas collected in exchange but funds were never exchanged

Good Nighy, We have a problem make a exchange the one token to ETH for pancakeswap AND Metamask, the gas gas charged but the exchange no make up the operation AND the same happened into platform of metamask, how can help thks.
The tx ID Is: 0xf7dc34360d5eff867807fb6c3a11de43a929a851bd5cce66a07049d0e08da7f1

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Hello, this token looks like a fraud. Please don’t try to exchange this token, which will be a very dangerous behavior. If you have tried to exchange this token, please transfer the remaining funds immediately, don’t use your current wallet address, don’t authorize unknown tokens at any time, and don’t click strange links.


It has been determined that the token belongs to the fraudster, and it is necessary to change the wallet address.


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