Get scammed today

Hello everyone

Today I was scammed in some way that I still cannot explain myself, since I never authorized any transaction from my account, nor does it appear in the history from my cell phone, I had to enter bscscan to verify what was happening and indeed today they took out 0.4 bnb that I had since Metamask

My address is this 0xb3b4fe68b7c456197208c863cfb4cba47db1af00

and the address who withdraw my money is this 0x369a87b1d76d6967a8a525813372cc5047926206

i know i lose my money… but how? i never authorize anything from my PC, i scan my PC too and 0 malware… im so sad.

Did you go into any sketchy website to “authorise” your wallet or something like that?

Most likely you made a authorisation at some point that allowed the hacker site to get access to your wallet and clean it out.

your cell phone can have trojans as well or you may have entered a phishing site that asked your seed phrase and other information

Negative, all clean on my phone, idk how this happen but Metamask have seriously problems with security

another possibility is if you joined a public wifi. i think hackers can access data in it

I think I got the same. Pancake balance on pancakeswap is all of the sudden 0…
The adress, 0x369A87b1d76D6967A8a525813372cc5047926206, seems to be the Cake - LP (liquidity (syrup) pool…