Harmony network to Binance smart chain

I have some BUSD in my harmony metamask wallet which I want to transfer to Binance smart chain but don’t know how to do that please help!!!

I got this chat from helpteam? is this real of scammer?

I recommend not clicking on that page metamskhelp :warning:

Yes, I have not click that link and surely scammers

Yes :upside_down_face: metamask_helpsteam is scammer

Remember: NEVER give your seed phrase to anyone for any reason :exclamation:

I already feel there are too much scammer in cryptoworld.

do you have any idea regarding harmony network to bsc?

Where did you buy this BUSD token?

Actually I have some $onemoon token which I transferred to busd in "mochiswap.io

heh sorry man :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: i not use mochiswap.io

Okay, :smiley: no problem stuck my token for a while.