CAN YOU send HRC 20 tokens to HRC 20 addresses from Harmony Mainnet directly?

I sent BUSD to binance us from the Harmony Mainent version of metamask. The transaction is verified and successful on the harmony explorer and has left my metamask wallet but hasnt showed up in Binance for 6 hours now. I am getting the feeling that it is lost forever… but I did use the ETH version of the busd deposit address from binance us and it did send. AM I screwed? Is this binance’s issue and log jam? is there an issue of tryign to send direct from HArmony mainnet to binance us? Any help would be greatly appreciated. it isn’t a small sum of money .

Hi there @goldencd Welcome to the Metamask community.
Did you use a Harmony Binance bridge for the transaction?
Metamask itself doesn’t support cross-network transactions.