Have found my ETH but don't know how to gain access to it

Hi. I have a similar post in a reddit group but I haven’t received a followup reply so I thought I’d try here. I did a token swap (TOMO to ETH) a few days ago. The ETH was to be deposited into my MetaMask wallet address that was tied to the swap. The swap appeared to go through but the ETH never showed up. In the other post a replier asked for the transaction hash which, after he reviewed it, pointed out where the missing ETH was, (in an address I had never seen before). I then reviewed the transaction hash and finally (after stumbling around) found the new address when I clicked on “Decode Input Data.” It showed my ETH at the last address displayed in the “path” field. The “to” field properly displays my MetaMask address where I had expected to see the ETH deposited. The replier also said “just add this contract in MetaMask and you find your eth.” This last step is where I am stuck. How do I add this contract to my MetaMask wallet and gain access to it? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @benab what network did you use? TomoChain network?
You can write the name of the reddit post?


Hi Luigi,
Yes, TomoChain. The transaction hash is:


I can see the 0.11728659 ETH I got for the swap. And to me, I thought it showed going to my MetaMask wallet address (0x3ff4d62badd48fCA85C8F1e0aB949f9161131fC9). In the other post that I referred to, a person replied:

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Hello @benab,

You need to add the ETH contract address on TomoChain: 0x2eaa73bd0db20c64f53febea7b5f5e5bccc7fb8b
In your MetaMask wallet, under the Assets tab (TomoChain network), click Import tokens. Then add the ETH contract address, given above. Click the button “Add custom token” → Import tokens.

For further information, please refer to the following article.


Thank you so much for your help! It worked! Yesterday I had taken the steps you described EXCEPT I had failed to do it on the TomoChain network. This was an education for me. Again, thank you (and Luigi) for your kind assistance, it is so appreciated.

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You are welcome. Thanks for letting us know.


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