I didn’t receive my eth erc20 in mm I must import token but I don’t find eth erc20 contract address please help

I need ethereum contact address erc20 help


Hello @Kiyan.

Ethereum network is the built in network that appears in your wallet once you create it. As such, you already have the ETH coin imported by default. No need to add it in any way. It is also the native token of the network which you use to pay the fees when transacting.

Can you detail your issue a bit more, to understand what you are having difficulties with?

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Hello thank you
Now I checked again my kucoin it has completed but I don’t see any eth can you send for me eth contract erc20 maybe it fixed

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ETH is already added in your MetaMask wallet. If you try to add it, it will give you an error saying the token has already been added, or something to that effect. Here’s an article that helps you understand how to find the contract address for the token you want to add:

Hoping this will help you understand more of how it works.


Thank u I fixed it at the top of the mm there was some network and I changed that from kcc to main


Great. Glad you were able to figure it out. Hope all is good.

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