Have I lost my coins

Hi have tried to transfer OMI coins from AscendEx to my Metamask wallet, the coins have left AscendEx but cannot see them in my Metamask wallet.

So OMI are a GO20 token.

I have obviously muffed this up, is there any way of resolving the issue, i.e get them back ?

AscendEx support say the transaction has completed successfully and to contact the deposit platform.

Any help would e great



Hi Richard :sunglasses: Don’t Worry :smile: Be Happy

  1. Must add GoChain to MetaMask :point_right: How to use GoChain with Metamask. Adding GoChain to MetaMask is easy, you… | by Travis Reeder | GoChain | Feb, 2021 | Medium
  2. Must add OMI contract address:

How to add a custom token? :point_down: read this

Brilliant, thank you :slight_smile:

Now have my coins back :+1:



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Nice :+1: have a nice day.