Havent received BNB in wallet

I have previously transferred BNB from my CoinSpot account to my Metamask wallet.
This time I sent BNB to my wallet address (saved on my CoinSpot account) just over a day ago and am still yet to receive it in my wallet. Both CoinSport and BscScan confirm the transaction and my wallet address all matches.
My wallet already shows the BNB token as I have a very small balance of BNB in my wallet already. I can see other tokens I own in there but this BNB recent transaction is missing.
Also, although it says the transaction has gone through it has not actually been added to my BNB value according to BscScan

Would appreciate it is anyone was to take a look.

Transaction Hash: 0xd24d687ee891ecc3610292b71f673c5e416c7c86ef236cf8081bc53971c43cd3

Transaction 0xd24d687ee891ecc3610292b71f673c5e416c7c86ef236cf8081bc53971c43cd3 was indeed successful and transferred to your address.

It looks like you made several transactions afterwards with BNB, which is likely the cause of why your BNB balance in your wallet is different. The funds are not missing, but rather have been used after transaction 0xd24d687ee891ecc3610292b71f673c5e416c7c86ef236cf8081bc53971c43cd3.

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