Help with BNB transaction

Help me please,
Hi, I’m new to this and fucked up my first transaction I think :smiling_face_with_tear: I just need someone to confirm if my BNB is lost or if it’s hope of getting it back.

I was transferring my BNB from Binance to my MetaMask wallet:


The transaction is ofc successful now and in BSCscan I can see my BNB in a wallet with the same address as my MetaMask wallet

See Transaction Hash:


I appreciate all the answers I can get :pray:t3:

Hello @Cacalmet !
Welcome to MetaMask community !

Try disabling the VPN and switch network.

If that doesn’t help, let’s try to clear the cache !
Right-click anywhere in the empty space of the extension window and click on Inspect:

Then click Application and Clear site data:


Check your wallet again. You must have received it now.


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