BNB via BSCAN network and Binance - Not in Wallet

Hi Folks. So i have, with success, previously transferred BNB from my Binance account to my Metamask wallet. All setup on on the network of BSC.

I sent BNB to my wallet address (saved in my Binance account) last week. It’s been 8 days and not showing.
Completed on Binance and BSCAN confirms the transaction and my wallet address all matches.

My wallet already shows the BNB token as i have a very small balance of BNB in my wallet already. I can see other tokens i own in there but this BNB recent transaction is missing.

I have removed the metamask extension - re loading it on and re-signed in. Everything showing correct, bar the missing BNB value. Loaded it in expanded view on web browser and all showing the same.

Any help or ideas please? Logged with Support but no response yet. Will share screenshots if it helps.

Sorted it. Cleared all browsing history - reloaded the wallet and it was there.

I have the same problem. Tried this, didnt work. Any assistance please?

Transaction Hash: 0xd24d687ee891ecc3610292b71f673c5e416c7c86ef236cf8081bc53971c43cd3

EDIT: Also, although it says the transaction has gone through it has not actually been added to my BNB value according to BscScan