Successfully sent BNB don't appear in the wallet

Hello! the transaction was successfully done with BNB to my wallet on Bep 20 chain.
My MetaMask has this chain added.
This is the hash:
But I don’t see tokens in the wallet. I tried restarting, refreshing MetaMask, restarting computer, resetting account of metamusk ,turning off and on the vpn, clearing cache in MetaMask, opening in different browser but it doesn’t show BNB anyway.

please help with it!

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Do you have WBNB in your wallet?

WBNB Contract: 0xbb4CdB9CBd36B01bD1cBaEBF2De08d9173bc095c


Hello, @bibibibib45433 !
Try to auto-detect tokens in your wallet, probably it will be WBNB

Go back to your asset list, and refresh if necessary—and hopefully, any tokens you weren’t seeing before are there now.


Hi @bibibibib45433 ,

Please reach out to MetaMask Help Desk on this one. There are some transactions in your wallet that I think an agent can ask more questions on to figure out what has happened.

You can get to support by going to - click the large blue ‘Start a Conversation’ bubble to the right (screenshot below). This will connect you with a bot at first, as you answer questions it will connect you to a live agent. Remember - nobody (including support) will ever ask for your secret recovery phrase . Do not input it onto any forms or pop-up windows. Support will never ask for this.

Also, MetaMask will never email you asking you to verify your Secret Recovery Phrase or identity.



Yes i do have Wbnb token,but it doesnt show anything too

There are no BNB or WBNB tokens in the explorer at your address

Why can this happen?I have a BNB transaction completed in the hash,but it is not shown in the balance and not in the explorer.

You should contact 1inch support.


Yes, it’s weird.
It seems that the bnb transaction was successful, but no token come into your wallet
as snwlprd said. You should contact 1inch support.

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