В моем кошельке не отображается баланс, и нету транзакции на поступление. Помогите разобраться. Куда оно пропало

Получил BNB, транзакция не отображается.
Обменял его на MSHIB, транзакция прошла успешно, добавил “валюту” в кошелек, а на балансе пусто.
Подскажите что нужно сделать.

Received BNB, transaction is not displayed.
I exchanged it for MSHIB, the transaction was successful, I added the “currency” to the wallet, but the balance is empty.
Tell me what needs to be done.

hello, have you imported tokens in your wallet?


Hello, yes, in metamask.


is it him? Milk Mushroom

This is a new token, it is not yet on Binance.

I managed to buy everything, but I can’t understand where they hung.

The display is 0, so there is no success

Where is the BNB then? If the operation failed. And how can they be returned?

You had a deal twelve hours ago, right?

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yes, and then two more deals, to buy MSHIB

You have used up your BNB in ​​this transaction

yes, I understood that, but what did I buy, and how can I find it?

Can you get BNB back?

You figure out the deal yourself first, are you involved in a project?

I want to buy this currency.

Hello @Sergey, welcome to MetaMask community!

From what i can see, and as 998755 is pointing out too, you sent the BNB to that contract address. You should ask on the project’s official channels what happened, that you didn’t receive the tokens after you interacted with their contract.


@Sergey ,

Do you recognize this transaction and remember what it was for?