Haven't received ETH purchased on Transak

What can I do if transak have not credited my account? I followed the links to pay directly into MetaMask but they won’t reply to my emails and have 1500usd!

Welcome to the MetaMask community @Likeablecanoe!! :fox_face: :rocket:

Has your bank account or card already been debited for the $1500? Do you have a txid for the purchase?

I have same problem. I made purchase on 1st April, but still nothing recevied.
It wasn’t the first time for me to purchase ETH, usually it took 20-30 minutes to receive it, but now it stuck.
From the bank side, it’s debited.

Could anyone solve the problem? I have 3 days waiting for my ETH and Transak only says we received your payment, wait and the metamask support does not respond to my messages.