Help about my glmr tokens

** hello friends, I would really like some help… I sent my GLMR tokens to MetaMask via binance through the bnb network but from what I saw the network does not support the token. I couldn’t add the token manually but I saw that I have a balance of the same value on the eth network carrying the value in my wallet, does anyone know if I can recover this. thank you all



hey, GLMR is a separate chain, your tokens is not in the Ethereum mainnet.
try as this:

  1. First, add moonbeam chain to your wallet.
    you can search for moonbeam in chainlist , then add

  2. see if your glmr tokens is there


Hello @Guilherme_Ludvig, welcome to MetaMask community!

Try to also add the BNB network in your MetaMask wallet and find and add the GLMR token contract address for the respective network, to check if you can see it there.


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