Help for transfer of tokens

I had recently staked some of my assets on a protocol. MetaMask asked me to confirm the number of tokens to spend which can be taken out of my wallet before letting the transaction go through. Will MetaMask ask me these for these permissions if I end up going on a scam site inadvertently. Will my permissions be taken for the transfer limit of each token before any of my tokens are stolen?

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Token approval provides permission for a dapp to access and move a specific type of token from your wallet. It requires permission for each type of token. Suppose you provided permission up to 1 ETH, then that dapp can access funds up to 1 ETH.

If you don’t provide permission, dapp cannot access your funds. So, it is important to revoke approval for each token you interacted if you suspect, they can be scammy.

Please read more about token approval here

Further, you can also customize how many tokens you allow dapps to access


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