HELP I can't find my metamask swap history

Some time ago, I used the MetaMask ‘swap’ feature and I now need that tx hash.
I don’t remember the chain I did it on (I just know it isn’t BNB, possibly Linea), and I don’t remember the tokens I swapped. I can’t find it in a sea of other transactions.

What is a Method* that MetaMask calls its swaps? For example there are Approve, Transfer, Send_mail, Multicall, Swap…

Should it be under Transactions, Internal Txns or something else on the scanner?

adr 0xD9EC1fc507172f9f14AaB238D006f304c8B982b8

Any help is greatly appreciated

hi @howard ,welcome to MetaMask community.
Using debank you can intuitively view the transactions of each chain.


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