Lost tokens during the swap

The title says it all, lost mmoney during the swap,
wallet adress:
transaction hash:
already added WBNB to the tokens, autofind new tokens is ON

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Hello @debil0id69, welcome to the MetaMask community,

Via this transaction you should have received 0.327 BNB (for 100 USDT), and around 2 minutes after this swap, there is a cross chain swap in your account through which you swapped 0.1019 BNB to 2.061 AVAX on the Avalanche chain. Do you remember these transactions?


where should I look for AVAX? I think I did it by accident

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Under the Avalanche network you can see your AVAX.
However, it seems like you have already swapped your AVAX to BTC.b and then again to AVAX. At last, you swapped your AVAX to BNB around 3 hours ago. Check your BNB network.
You changed some BNB to MATIC on Polygon network as well :slightly_smiling_face:
Do you remember these transactions?


can you please tell me how to track transactions after the swap? nothing is shown in the history

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If you paste your address on each block explorer, you can find the transactions related to your account.
You can check your transactions history in MetaMask portfolio as well. However, currently it supports a few networks. To check the portfolio, click on what is shown on the image attached.

For further information, please refer to the following article.


the main point is that I can’t check my transactions history cuz they were cleared by accident :wink:

so I can’t get what should I do to check what happens with my toneks after the swap,
when I go to BSCS and check my trastactions, I can’t track them further than swap

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Have you checked your transaction history on MetaMask portfolio?

Since you have done several bridges (cross chain swaps), you need to check the explorer for any blockchain you have used. For example, for what you have done, since you have used, Avalance, BNB and Polygon chains, you need to check your account on all these blockchains. Search your address in the following explorers, and check the transaction histories.


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